Baby Elephants!

My heart just fell into my butt❤️❤️❤️🐘🐘🐘🐘

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This doesn’t make since

This doesn’t make since

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can we just appreciate the fact that my best friend, who in the past struggled with an eating disorder, called out my gym teacher bc he says a size 3 for women is “ideal”

(((The average now for women is a size 14)))


I can’t tell you how happy this makes me

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Start with music!

We celebrate now like we made it in America. Wake up we have one fish in a shark tank! Let start making better choices, as a people.








4 Year Old Foils Babysitter’s Robbery Plot - Video

Let’s just blame the black guy…

believe a little girl in 30 seconds but won’t believe the black man after 5 hours….lol ok.

Says a lot.

It really does. I think it’s wonderful that she told that truth however, this is a prime example of white privilege. At 4 years old, she actually had systematic power over the fate of a Black male. White privilege is a very real and impactful thing.

I know that this story is heartwarming in it’s own way. Yes, the 4 year old has more in the way of ethical fiber in her pinky than her babysitter has in her whole body. Yes, it’s case closed on a wrongfully accused case that could have had very serious consequences for the neighbor involved…

but there’s something really chilling about an otherwise law abiding citizen being arrested and questioned in handcuffs for 5 hours on the casual implication of a 17 year old. 

Here for the comments, especially the last one.

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My knight in shining armor!😘😍❤️auntie mean love you!!!!!! #fair#myfav#cuties#lovethisguy#kimbles#princecharming#famovereverything#newchapter#growingup#auntiesboy#turboboy

My knight in shining armor!😘😍❤️auntie mean love you!!!!!! #fair#myfav#cuties#lovethisguy#kimbles#princecharming#famovereverything#newchapter#growingup#auntiesboy#turboboy

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2014: thicker eyebrows, fatter ass, more lipstick, bigger hair, more reading and better politics.

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